My Experience at The Fitlife Ranch

Happy Friday! Today I want to share with you an awesome experience I had at Drew Canole’s Fitlife Ranch last

Let’s just say I was blissed out on green juice my entire stay.
What more could a girl (or guy) ask for? Well, believe it or not, there certainly was more!

Like eating the juiciest, best tasting oranges I’ve ever had straight from the tree, while overlooking this breathtaking view:
image copy 2

image copy 5

And sitting by the fire with good friends:
photo copy 4Waking up to the sun rising every day:image copy 6

Enjoying the fresh air outside:
image copy 7

Working on some videos together (stay tuned for a raw zucchini alfredo pasta recipe I provided!):photo copy 8

And of course, more green juice:photo copy 9
image copy

Oh, and did I mention that Drew was kind enough to send me home with a bunch of these?
photo copy 5
Avocados picked right from the tree! Best. Souvenirs. Ever.

Good vibes, great people, green juice, fresh fruits, all surrounded by beautiful nature. In short, it’s pretty safe to say it was heaven. Thanks for having me Drew! I’m looking forward to coming back again soon!



4 responses to “My Experience at The Fitlife Ranch

  1. Hi Christina! I just discovered your blog and love it. I just started juicing until dinner with a fruit snack in the late afternoon. I was wondering what your workout routine is? Is it possible to juice until dinner while doing morning workouts or do you get too hungry during the day?

    • Hi Jane!
      Thanks for reading :0) I prefer to exercise on an empty stomach in the morning or at least earlier in the day. Sometimes I will have raw organic coconut water before/after as well. Of course, life doesn’t always work out according to a perfect schedule, but that’s what feels best for me most of the time! As always, it’s important to listen to your body and honor where you are in this moment. If juicing until dinner doesn’t feel great, that’s completely okay. Modify it and maybe later in the future it will 🙂 For years I did juice, smoothie/fruit/or raw soup, and then dinner. No need to force anything! Hope this helps ❤

  2. Jane, I do something very similar, whereas I munch on veggies and berries only or juice until dinner. It keeps my mind clear and able to focus on work. If I decide to go for a jog or hit the gym in the morning, I notice my performance is more based on what I ate the night before.

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