Core Principles

Focusing on a highly alkaline, organic, plant based diet filled with nutrients & enzymes are what our bodies love and thrive on! Processed foods lack life force energy and destroy our bodies and health over time. It’s so empowering to know that we can take control of our health by simply deciding what we put into our bodies.

Don’t let an unprocessed, whole foods diet fool you though. You will be surprised how your taste buds will change! Give your body a chance to heal itself, and it will.

Below are the core principles which make up the lifestyle of deep tissue cleansing and maintaining cellular cleanliness. Stay tuned for more information on each of them as I continue to add content.


Food Combining 

Proper Transitioning 

Eating Light to Heavy 

Colon Cleansing 

Fasting (when needed)

As for myself these days, I tend to lean towards keeping things pretty simple and plant based. I eat mostly all raw, with a cooked meal once a week or so, but it took me years to really feel good at this level. Honoring the transition process is very important! I genuinely love the food that I eat and the way it nourishes my body. Green juice is sacred, food combining is key, and fasting is incorporated when needed. When I travel frequently, it’s very taxing on the body, so being good to myself with a healthy diet, exercise, and fresh air really helps to balance things out. It’s an ongoing journey and always a learning process!


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