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Green Lemonade

As promised, here is my all time favorite basic green juice recipe. I make it every day when I’m home and after five years, I still look forward to it every morning 😀


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Green Juice in New Orleans (yes, it’s possible)

Good afternoon everyone! As I’m sipping on my green lemonade in New Orleans today with all the crazy parades going on, I realize we have an important topic to cover before I dive into anything else on my blog. Those of you that are advanced cleansers are already very familiar with this topic, but I know there are plenty of others out there that this is all new to!


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Around the World in Healthy Ways- Launched!

I am so excited to have my blog up and running! I have had to postpone this project for far too long due to a hectic school and work schedule over the years, but the time has finally come. I look forward to sharing my journey with you all along with helpful tips, recipes, reviews, and more good stuff along the way. So stay tuned, lots of exciting things are in the works! And please bear with me while I figure this all out.. I promise I’ll get the hang of it soon. Thanks for reading!

Winter is here! Not a bad view :0)

Winter is here! Not a bad view :0)