Cantaloupe Cinnamon Latte

Say hello/good morning (or I love you in my case) to the cantaloupe latte. photo copy 10

Now that cantaloupes are finally making a come back for the summer season, I can share one of my favorites with you. It’s creamy consistency and decadent flavor makes it hard to believe it’s just pure cantaloupe juice! It even froths up at the top, just like a latte. Heaven in a glass.

Cinnamon Cantaloupe Latte (makes about 32 ounces)

-1 cantaloupe

-generous dash of cinnamon

-optional: liquid vanilla stevia (nu naturals in my favorite)

Wash cantaloupe well. If using organic, you can juice it with the rind on, which will help to naturally dilute the sugars in the fruit. Just cut into pieces that will fit into the juicer, remove seeds if you’d like, and feed through the chute. Mix in cinnamon and vanilla stevia by hand for an extra delicious taste.

This lovely mixture is a great summer treat, and has been known to get me through many juice fasts. It never disappoints! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😛


5 responses to “Cantaloupe Cinnamon Latte

  1. are you ****ing kidding me?! DELICIOUS HEAVENLY GOODNESS!! YES!! Thank you 🙂

  2. clara mitmesser

    blended in a super blender like vita mix is also incredible. I learned to like cantelope this way, topped with elderberries.

  3. looks super delicious :)!

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