Almond Butter “Sticky Pudding”

What do you call a quick & delicious dessert that you can whip up in a minute or less?148744_530589683638130_173859557_n

I’m not really sure. That’s why the only thing I could come up with to describe this sweet little snack was sticky pudding 😛

Almond Butter Sticky Pudding (makes 1 individual serving)

-2-3 tablespoons almond butter (or nut butter of choice)

-liquid stevia or vanilla liquid stevia to taste

-very generous dash cinnamon

-dash of sea salt

-sprinkling of goji and mulberries

-optional: splash vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients by hand in a small bowl and adjust cinnamon/sweetness to taste. Feel free to make it your own, but this variation hits the spot for me.

If you follow food combining principles like I do, this would be best after an all raw or nut/seed/dried fruit based meal. If you’re eating as a snack (ideally on an empty stomach), try having some baby greens and a ripe banana first to help aid the digestion of the more dense nut butter- your stomach will thank you!


3 responses to “Almond Butter “Sticky Pudding”

  1. Haha I love the name “sticky pudding.”

    Have you ever tried flax meal based desserts? It definitely ends up being a sticky pudding! I’ve been doing it quite a bit lately! Just grinding flax seeds in a coffee grinder.
    Pretty much the same as what your doing here except flax meal mixed with a bit of water in replace of the almond butter 🙂

  2. Ahhh…I love mulberries very, very much 🙂

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