Tuesday Travel Tip: Pressed Juice Hotel Deliveries

Happy Tuesday everyone! 12412_10151544941842270_1384061775_n

I don’t think carrot juices or hanging out with my pups ever gets old.

And neither does sharing information with you! Today I wanted to give a quick travel tip regarding getting pressed juices on the road. If you’re going to be at one location for at least a couple days and can’t locate a local juice bar, there is a solution!photo copy 5

On my last business trip I was able to find Juice Works, a cold pressed juice company in Minneapolis that offers three low sugar juices (no fruit added). They delivered right to my hotel on two separate occasions and made getting my juice very convenient :0) Thank you!

If you aren’t able to find a local company to deliver to you, there are several  that now ship nationwide. I used Pressed Juicery based out of LA to overnight a juice package that met me at my hotel in Atlanta. When I got there, I had my fridge stocked and ready to go.603763_10151545360852270_907983026_n

Takes a little research and dedication, but it’s worth it if you’re traveling a lot or just don’t want to skip out on all that alkaline goodness!

As for me, when I get my juice, I am happy.

(Even when it’s freezing in Minnesota). Until next time! photo copy 6


4 responses to “Tuesday Travel Tip: Pressed Juice Hotel Deliveries

  1. Renate Steiner

    I travel with products from Pressed Juicery as well. I take them when I travel with my teen daughter to weekend basketball tournaments, especially when we go to places like Stockton, where the closest thing to a juice bar is Jamba.

  2. This is great – Thanks, Christina!
    Q: What do you mean by “When I got there, I had my fridge stocked and ready to go”? Do you mean that you asked the hotel to stock your fridge for you (if so, awesome.) or that you stocked it when you got there and picked up the package?

    • Hi Sam! I stay at this particular hotel for work a lot, so they were expecting me and had the package in the fridge for when I got there (it arrived while I was in route from Minneapolis). I just had to transfer to the fridge in my room- but i’m sure they would have put it in there for me if I really wanted them to!

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