Tuesday Travel Tip: Juice Fasting on the Road

Well, I’m back on the road again! And here’s a quick snapshot of what juice fasting on the go looks like:

photo copy 8
Fresh hotelmade citrus juice anyone?

Grapefruit/Orange with a few drops of stevia is really satisfying and is a great supplement to my pressed juices.

Which brings me to my next snapshot..488184_556312997732465_1211358395_n

Pressed Juicery to the rescue! Coming prepared with enough juice is key to staying on track with a fast on the road, away from the comfort of your own juicer. This is only a portion of my packed juices- but you get the idea!

Even if you aren’t on a fasting journey, if you’re traveling (by plane especially) I find it’s best for the digestive system to either juice fast until landing or at least keep your intake light and water rich. For example: plenty of water, green juice, herbal teas, water rich fruits and veggies, avocados, etc. as opposed to dry and hard to digest nuts, crackers, protein bars, miscombined meals, and so on. Since our digestive systems practically stagnate under that amount of pressure and lack of oxygen, it’s best to make things as easy as possible on our poor systems! We aren’t technically meant to be at those altitudes in the first place, but since we all have places to go and people to see, we might as well take care of our bodies as best as possible 😉

Just remember: If there is a will, there is a way!601541_556852767678488_1632532314_n

*Fasting Update*

After a couple weeks, I decided it was time to wrap up the fast. I’m in a bit of a transition period right now, so I’m listening to my body and working with it. I’m still juice fasting until dinner most days though, but most importantly doing what feels best each day, making sure I have energy to exercise, and getting enough rest to do it again the next day!


5 responses to “Tuesday Travel Tip: Juice Fasting on the Road

  1. I am a flight attendant for SWA and I would love to know more info on the details of your juice fast on the road. I drink 4 Mean Greens a day. (Your green lemonade) How many juices do you drink a day and what food if any do you eat and when and how much? I am trying to lose 20 lbs.
    Much appreciated for the site you have created. I have enjoyed following you.

    • Thanks for following, Denise! Well it depends on the day and how I’m feeling as far as how much juice I drink (and how much room I have on the plane/in my suitcase). If I’m juice fasting, I can drink up to 6-8 16oz bottles, but I never limit myself or follow a strict regimen, because I think listening to your body is most important! On other days, I’ll drink between 2-4 bottles along with some raw coconut water and then eat a properly combined dinner after I land- sometimes some fruit or a green smoothie beforehand. I’m planning on posting more travel tips, recipes, and insights on what I’m eating/drinking on the road, so stay tuned!


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