Long Juice Fasts & Emotional Eating w/ Tom DeVito

Hi all! Today I am sharing a couple videos featuring my friend and detox expert, Tom DeVito of Release NYC. photo 1

While I was in New York the past three weeks, Tom was kind enough to give us his perspective on a couple popular subjects in 5 minutes or less- quite the challenge for a man who possesses so much knowledge in the field!  Thank you Tom for making that happen :0)

The first video is his take on long juice fasts, which I’m sure you’ve noticed have become extremely popular in the past few years:

The second video is about collecting data in regards to emotional eating. I think almost everyone can relate to this considering how common emotional eating is in our modern world today!

Thanks for watching and I hope you found this helpful! If you’re in the New York area and want to visit Tom & his team for gravity centered colonics, infrared sauna treatments, or nutritional consultations, you can find them at:

Release NYC
124 E. 40th Street #703
New York, NY 10016
(212) 880-2100


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