Classic Blended Salad

As healthy as big raw salads may be, sometimes they are really time consuming to chew thoroughly and can be a lot for the system to break down.

375852_10151187913792270_1035382728_nThis is where the blended salad comes in!

Also known as a blended raw soup, this meal is great while traveling or enjoying at home. It’s been a favorite of mine since I got into raw foods five years ago, and you can definitely experiment with different veggies and flavors to make it your own! It’s hard to mess this one up, so blend away!

Blended Salad (makes one large serving)

-handful (or two) of greens: mixed baby lettuce, baby spinach, etc.

-1/2 cucumber

-1/2 bell pepper

-1 tomato or 1/2 small box cherry tomatoes

-2 stalks celery

-lemon juice, to taste

-pinch of high quality sea salt

-herbs of choice: I like using italian seasoning, garlic powder & onion powder

-1 medium avocado

-optional: soaked sundried tomatoes, sprouts, dulse & nori seaweed

Place all ingredients except avocado into a high speed blender or nutri bullet and blend until broken up. Add 1/2 avocado, 1-2 nori sheets, and soaked sundried tomatoes and blend again for desired creamy consistency. You can sprinkle with dulse seaweed and then top with the other half of sliced avocado!

Happy Blending!


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