My Favorite Coconut Water: Harmless Harvest

If you’re a coconut water lover like myself, you know high quality when you taste it.

And this stuff just makes me happy.

Although I prefer drinking straight from an organic coconut, sometimes that’s not always practical. Harmless Harvest makes raw, organic, delicious coconut water easily accessible- and I’m so grateful for that!

Raw coconut water is super hydrating, high in natural electrolytes, and one 16 ounce serving contains more potassium than a couple of bananas! Not to mention it tastes amazing too. If you’ve tried coconut water in the past and wasn’t a fan- and I was in this category years ago too- give Harmless Harvest a shot. You will likely change your mind!

I always start my day with high quality coconut water and green juice. I wouldn’t want it any other way! I’m actually sipping on one at this very moment 😀

You can find their products at most Whole Foods Markets, and other health food stores are starting to carry them now as well. Have you tried this brand? What are you waiting for?! :0)




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