YouTube Channel Is Up!! Supplements I’m Currently Taking

Hello all! It’s been a while.. I’m moving my main platform to YouTube and would love to have you join me there! I’ll be sharing health, nutrition, fitness, healthy recipes, self love, happiness, and much more šŸ™‚ Don’t forget to subscribe!IMG_5255

Video Link:

In this video I share which supplements I’m currently taking. If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see in the near future, please comment below! Don’t forget to subscribe and feel free to share with others that may appreciate this content as well. ā¤

Products mentioned are all listed below!*Garden of Life Probiotic:

*Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil:

*Nature’s Way Vitex (for healthy menstrual cycle):

*Brantley Active Enzymes:…


*Rainbow Light Enzymes- also great!:

*Dissolvable B12:

*Dissolvable D3:

*MegaFood D3:

*Adrenal Herbs:


*HealthForce Mushroom Powder/Caps:

*Activated Charcoal:

*Magnesium Powder/Caps:

*Oscillococcinum (for flu like symptoms):

*Garden of Life Protein Powder:

So much love!! xx


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